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Our Approach

to Design and Implementation



Southwest Museum Services believes that the highest attainment of our multi-disciplinary profession is to achieve a synthesis of culture, content and structure in each exhibit that will inspire informed thought and growth in every museum visitor. We assemble inclusive, holistic client/company teams that dynamically merge content with form, understanding that creating interpretive spaces goes beyond the idea of simply presenting text, images, and objects in a visually appealing environment. Our approach goes much deeper. We develop exhibits with the idea that the personal experiences and context of visitors profoundly contribute to the understanding of a museum’s message. Our methodology takes into account the range of interpretations that an exhibit may have in order to create a multi-layered interpretive experience that makes any subject meaningful to a diverse audience. These explorations enable us to establish a strong overarching concept that distills the essence of what a museum or exhibit could be. This unifies all aspects of the project because it serves to inform and inspire each and every creative decision, providing an all-encompassing interpretive and design rationale.


We recognize that the success of any project depends on real dedication which includes keeping a perspective on the design’s big picture while always following through with the details in project management and implementation from conceptual design through on-site installation. We have applied our many years of experience to develop design and fabrication processes that anticipate the needs of a creative collaborative endeavor and break the larger requirements into discrete tasks that can be delegated, executed and tracked. The result is a very flexible approach that is also extremely effective in maintaining clear communication with our clients as the project progresses.

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