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American Quarter House 

Hall of Fame and Museum

AQHA had a general museum of equine science sporting events. It was renovated and expanded to create a Hall of Fame recognizing the greatest contributors to the American Quarter Horse breed as the center piece of a museum that would use these Hall of Fame inductees to tell the developing story of the American Quarter Horse. An educational exhibit was created to inform interested individuals of all ages from 5th grade to adult about all aspects of the breed from care and feeding to careers and competitive events. At the ground level a cathedral like space pays reverent homage to the best-of-the-best depicted on laser cut steel plates placed in order of their year of induction. The second floor exhibits were reconfigured as a continuous changing timeline of photos, artifacts and text that tell the story of the American Quarter Horse through the details of each of the inductees presented here, not in their year of induction but rather at the point of their greatest contribution. This timeline was designed to allow for the addition of content at any point along its 250’ length as new members are added yearly. Supporting theater and education spaces were laid out to support the educational mission of the institution.

Opened Summer 2007

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