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4th Infantry Division Museum

Our design seeks to infuse the exhibit space with a sense of dynamism reflecting the shattered fragmentation of global conflict. Obliquely angled walls bearing large maps, photographic imagery, and interpretive content divide the exhibit space into two “war zones” – one devoted to the role of the 4th Infantry Division in WWI, and the other dedicated to the Division’s impact in WWII. Imbedded into these walls like transparent rectangular shards are acrylic boxes that will hold significant artifacts and objects in the museum’s collection, while larger freestanding cases create visual anchor points within the gallery. Bisecting the exhibit space is a line of casework entitled the “Soldier’s Walk.” This long vitrine structure uses objects and interpretive panels to present the history of the Division in the two World Wars through the personal stories of its participants. As a continuous axis that spans both zones, this dramatic linear element figuratively and literally draws a connection between individual soldier experiences in both conflicts.

Opened Summer 2006

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