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1st Cavalry Division Museum

The 1st Cavalry Division Museum at Fort Hood preserves the history of this division for the visiting public, but also serves to foster a sense of pride and belonging for active duty soldiers and their families at the fort. This is achieved by interpreting the chronological epic of 1st Cav’s exploits with an emphasis on Army Core Values and the division’s mission capabilities: mobility, firepower, shock, and awe, symbols for which are repeated as call-outs to the content. A yellow diagonal band representing a sword baldric, a mark of military honor and an element in 1st Cav’s own iconic patch, pervades the primary interpretive focal points, which are dispersed along a circulation path defined by battle vignettes. This interpretive approach and graphic identity work together with artifact collections spanning the years from General George Armstrong Custer to street fighting in Manila through Operation Desert Storm and beyond, to disseminate the legacy of the “first team.”

Opened May 2006

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